Create International India is growing!

Here is a look at the ministries we currently run, and how you can get involved:

Literacy Program for Women and Girls


We run a literacy program for women and girls in a local slum in our city. Our vision and goal is to equip and empower them with the skills and self-belief they need to move ahead in their society. We also meet with their families, praying and ministering where we can, and have on some occasions helped with community development in their area.

Skateboarding in our Community

Our kids leaning to skate in the community

Creating a safe place for children to come and learn to skate, our goal is to encourage the boys and girls in our community to grow into their talents and gifts. We host a skating meetup once a week in our neighbourhood, free for anyone to join and learn! Visit out Facebook Page to get regular updates!

English Classes in our Community

Short term volunteers teaching children from our community English!

Recently we started teaching children in our community English and are looking for volunteers to carry on the work.

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Intercession and Worship for our City

Worship at the fort

We have been worshiping and interceding for the city of Jaipur since 2008, and have seen many breakthroughs and a change in the city through our prayers. We welcome teams and individuals who have a heart for worship to come and partner with us in this City.