Monday Apr 21
English (United Kingdom)

Going Digital

It finally time to bring out our laptop computers to begin lessons on Adobe Photoshop with Dave H. again. This is one of Dave’s expertise so we had a lot of knowledge being downloaded into our brains. All students got the handle of the pen tablets really well and were creating masterpieces in no time. The students were also required to finish coloring their comics they did last week with the new skills they learned this week. This week we watched a stop animation feature length movie called ‘Mary & Max’ which although rather bizarre, was very beautiful visually.

On Thursday we had a skype call with Paula D. who talked about her time in Africa and Thailand. Also during a team time we celebrated two student’s birthdays for this week and went to iBerry. As a school, we come here often but it was Kalisa’s first time and he happened to be one of the birthday students. The other student was Adriana.

On the weekend we will be joining the SFM on a field trip to the Waterfalls so we are all very excited to go.

For next week, Dave will be continuing teaching us but this time on Adobe Illustrator.






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