Monday Apr 21
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Sequential Awesomeness


We found out this week that our own school leader, Dave H, knows a lot about drawing comics. We learned all sorts of things about the history of comics as well as the history of manga. Dave also showed us a TedTalks by a guy named Scott McCloud which he based a lot of his teaching on. The TedTalks talked about the way comics have evolved over the years as well as a bit of his life story. We also saw a brilliant documentary about Stan Lee called With Great Power.

The movie we watched this week was The Triplets of Belleville. A very artsy and peculiar animation by a french guy named Sylvain Chomet.

The assignment this week was a 2-4 page comic which we first had to draw up a turnaround for the characters and then a thumbnail plan of the comic before we put it on a larger paper and began inking the lines.

This assignment took up a lot of our time and Dave gave a whole class time to work on it. Luckily they all turned out looking great. After we were done we all presented our comics to the class where we all joined in with constructive criticisms of each artists work. Next week Dave will be teaching again but this time it will be on Photoshop.




Colouring with the Shan kids at Ministry night




Kennedy showing his contextualised evangelistic art for Thai Buddhists



One of our hard working students, Adriana, working on her comic assignment




All of the class hard hard at work, except for the slacker, Jono, waving his

arms in the back (thats me)


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