Saturday Apr 19
English (United Kingdom)

Thats what we signed up for!

This week we joined the SFM once again to be taught on a shared teaching by Steve B.

This was the Story Development and Scriptwriting since it just so happens that this particular skill is needed in both Animations and Live Action Movies.

Steve B. was super entertaining teaching us through examples of short films he had made with his friends & family. We got to see a fun mock-umentary called Thumbosis. Was was incredibly funny and well thought out. Also among many gems there was an adorable film named Pie Heist about an old man who just wanted some pie.

The students had a lot of assignments to do this week but enjoyed doing them. One particular assignment was included with the movie we watched this week. The movie was The Iron Giant and it was great to be able to include the SFM in our cinema experience. After the movie we had to then work out different things from the movie such as the Protagonist, the Antagonist, the Theme, etc.

On the weekend we also played some volleyball together which was fun. Unfortunately for us, The SFM ended up winning.

Also this week we experienced a huge lesson in God’s provision for us and our school fees and spent some time thanking the Lord for everything he has done for us in the school so far. Kalisa shared his testimony during his value presentation and we also got to sing God is So Good in English, Swahili and Kinyarwanda. He touched us deeply with his amazing story up to coming here.

Next week we will be saying goodbye to the SFM classroom and moving back into the SoCAM classroom to learn about Comics Development with Dave H.






Steve teaching us the ways of Asian Story Structuring




One of our SoCAM students, Kyla, having a blast in the Volleyball Tournament



god is so good


Kalisa leading us in a multi-ligual God is So Good song





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