Saturday Apr 19
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Great Unveiling

Curiously dressed in exotic garb quite different from their normal clothing choices the SFM staff walked into the meeting. The lights dimmed. Curious music played. We could almost smell curry spices in the air. Then the puppet show began.

Indian accents came out of Mila and Steve’s mouths as the puppets they handled danced around the cloth stage. Our location and the people group we will be working with was finally revealed! At the end of September we will embark on a journey to Northern India to create an evangelistic film for our outreach phase of the SFM.

This is actually a Create International project in which we, along with the staff, are going to create the first-ever evangelistic tool for the almost 42 million unreached people who live in the least evangelized state in India (the name of the people groups and the region cannot yet be revealed due to security).

These next few months we will prepare by carefully researching about these people, writing movie scripts, acquiring video production skills, partnering with workers on the field who will use the film, and praying earnestly to make Jesus known to a people group that hasn’t heard yet. We might even take the puppets with us.


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