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Media for Missions Week

Organized and passionate Carol C. wove the second week in the SFM together as a rich and colorful tapestry. Co-founder of Create International and wife of Calvin C., Carol has over thirty years of experience from which she was sharing. Presentations full of wisdom and understanding accompanied each lecture session. Past evangelistic tools came into the classroom for us to handle. Engaging videos were shown and creative application exercises demanded responses from all of our senses.

The smile spread across my face as Carol began speaking about media for missions. I know that many others in the room were also remembering the first time God began whispering about an intersection of passion for God and love of creating with technology for the unreached. The first question Carol posed to us was about our dreams. What are we dreaming with God? Why are we here?


Words Carol shared, “Only a dream that is daring in its scope and demanding in its requirements will motivate people to live passionately to win the world for Jesus.”

Within the approximate 3,000 Unreached People Groups, 60% cannot write. In fact most prefer o ral communication.

Oral communication is something that many cultures share. Movies, television and the internet are the top three influences of youth today. After sharing this information Carol shared about what holistic media response could look like.

The vision is one of first taking time to gain understanding and afterwards through creation of media. In the heart of this strategy is a dynamic response with multiple resources. Some for sharing the Gospel, others providing a researched starting point for indigenous worship and still more would mobilization for prayer and workers. The use of media in this manner better equips long term missionaries and short term people who come alongside to serve.



A missionary who works in a neighboring nation shared during the week how the evangelistic film "Retaliate with Love", a Create production for an unreached people group there, has been used by God to open many doors for ministries and salvation, including in the most closed regions. "Create tools are a platform for evangelism, they're not wordy like tracts. The locals see the visuals and get the message. I trained 20 workers in that nation on how to use the Evangelistic video & the story book. One year later over 200 workers were using them and proclaiming the Gospel", he said.


Another beautiful facet of this season is the privilege of doing life together. From birthday celebrations to debates about who makes the best coffee and what God is sharing with us each. We are learning how to be a part of a creative team. Not everything we learn happens in the classroom.

Caption: our July birthday people in Create Thailand



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