Wednesday Apr 16
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It has Begun!

So the SoCAM 2012 has begun and we are super excited to see how it will all turn out! This year we have 7 students that have come eager to learn.

The Students are Kyla (from Canada), Gabrielle (a local Thai-American from here in Chiang Mai), Melissa, (from the Philippines), Adriana, (USA), Un-Jung, (South Korea), Emmanuel, (Tanzania) and Kalisa, (Rwanda). Kalisa has yet to come but is arriving on the weekend so he can be ready for next weeks teaching.

So this week started off on Saturday with delicious pan-cake breakfast following a day of orientation explaining Create International and the things we do. Khun Wat also came by to give a brief on the culture of Thailand.

On Sunday we headed to Warrant where we all got involved in a scavenger hunt. Some of us even got to try some street food of the insect variety. We later all met up at the Art Cafe in Tapae Gate.

In the afternoon we all went out to a special meal at a really long table where we were served with all kinds of delicious dishes. This was a great time to get to know everyone in Create International and also find out what their favourite movie was.


The girls eating pancakes


Eating Bugs in Wararat


On Monday Calvin C. started off the lectures by sharing what he knew about Cross Cultural Communication and told some relevant stories of his cross-cultural adventures.

We also played a fun game where we acted out two made up cultures that had to interact with one another. One team had to try to 'reach' the other team by finding a way to communicate effectively. The stage was a foreign funeral which ended with a surprising resurection!

On the last day the students practised interviewing each other by breaking up in groups of twos of students with different cultures and taking turns  asking each other questions. The students learned that even among their own classroom were people who had completely different types of celebrations and traditions.

This week was also the announcement for our outreach destination and the people group we are going to focus our EV Animation on. Unfortunately I am not aloud to display the specific people group but I can say that it will be in North East India.


Calvin's Teaching


Also this Saturday we are going to join the SFM once again on a putting to the Chiang Mai Museum and the Wat Chedi Lauang here in Chiang Mai. So that should be fun!

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