YWAM Northern Thailand Conference

The first weekend of August many of our Create staff traveled down to Sukhothai, one of the ancient capitals of Thailand, for a YWAM Northern Thailand conference. As YWAM in Thailand, we get together corporately only once a year, rotating between a nation-wide conference (last year) and a regional conference (this year). It was a good time to reconnect with ywammers from around Northern Thailand who don’t live in Chiang Mai, and meet new people who may have recently joined staff. This year we had a Thai pastor as a guest speaker who spoke a few challenging words – about being willing to give up our “Isaac” to God, and about fasting.

It was also a neat time because there are no YWAM teams in the Sukhothai province. This province of about 600,000 people has only 1,500 Christians (that’s 0.25% … much smaller even than the national average of 1-2% Christian). So as part of our conference, we had an outreach to the city – prayer teams, evangelism and Bible distribution. The Bibles being distributed were the Sourceview edition. This Bible breaks the text into four main voices, and encourages people to read together and talk about what they’re reading. (Read more about the Bible here.) So when distributing Bibles in Sukhothai, the goal was to give one to every house and four Bibles (one for each of the main voices) to every temple. One team reported going to a temple, and finding not only that they had already been given Bibles by another team, but that the monks were sitting down and reading them! Pray with us that the word of God begins to influence the Thai people and that the church in Sukhothai is able to disciple the new believers God is calling to Him.